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Nopilot has been built as a dynamic solution making it customizable and capable of supporting various operational set-ups.

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We help organizations to make better operational decisions

To make decisions, a set of data is needed. How big set of a data - this is another question. We have discovered that to make essential operational decisions in general ornagizational management, you only need fundamental input.

And exactly this input Nopilot provides!

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Cash Flow

How does Nopilot enable cash flow predictions?

Understand the cost structure and revenue sources

Nopilot features allow costs and revenue separation on different levels. After separation there will be 4 main modules for cost and revenue management: employees, clients, projects, and organization.

Separate the time & material and project based operations

We differentiate 2 types of operations: time & material and project based. The main differentiation between these types is settlement logic. In some occasions, work is billed hourly other occasions as a lump sum.

Know the payment terms and deadlines

Earning profit is simple! The money comes in and money goes out, if more comes in than goes out, the business is profitable - at least at that current moment. With Nopilot it is possible to foresee these moments when the tables start to turn.

Estimate the operations timeframe and end dates

Every business owner has a wishful thinking that the client relationship will never end and the high-margin projects keep coming in. Reality is something else. Nopiot will show management this reality. Everything has a due date!

Where does Nopilot calculate the margins?

Per employee and external partner

Per client

Per project, event, and learning

Per organization

Predictive Views
Easy Onboarding
Fundamental Statistics
Team Engagement

Can you find a better return on investment from the market?

It may be possible, but very unlikely!

What are the key variables for utilization?

There are soft variables and numeric variables that affect employee utilization. First and foremost Nopilot will provide the input for numeric variables but also supports the soft variables.


Capacity is the agreed work input in the contract.


Allocation is the actual employee work input.


Utilization is the capacity and allocation discrepancy in percentage.

Employee requests

When an employee can request a change, it will increase engagement and motivation.

Employee preferences

Limited freedom of choice is still freedom. When an employee can execute freedom within the organizational framework, it will boost performance.

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