Initially developed only for internal use, now available for all!

Nopilot started back in 2021 when the full spectrum of operational competence and experience was combined.

A team with experience from different operational levels got together to create a solution that serves the company considering the various requirements from a range of stakeholders. The idea of the solution was that all the related parties must benefit from using Nopilot.

Nopilot fundamentals

Team Engagement
Dynamic Configurations
Performance Monitoring
Stakeholder Transparency
Predictive Statistics
Sustainable Management

The driving force of Nopilot

Nopilot covers the two main necessities:
1. Provide the fundamental overview
2. Enable necessary actions

- Overview: Shareholders needed a high-level overview of the state of the company and prediction for the upcoming months.
- Action: Raise the concerns early, address the topics, and initiate corrections, involve necessary competence, demand corrective actions.

- Overview: Managers needed an overview of the customers and partners, operational processes, cash flow, team utilization, projects, events, and learnings.
- Action: Manage customers and partners, margins, adjust the finances inflow and outflow, rearrange the team, make HR decisions, and increase the team skillset.

- Overview: The team needed an overview of the team members skills, capacity, allocations, requests, project involvement, upcoming events, and learnings.
- Action: Request the changes of the project or team member, express concerns, foresee and apply to upcoming projects, get an overview of projects, events, and learnings.

The team behind Nopilot

Only a small group of like-minded people who can execute are needed to make a great impact!

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