Nopilot enables operational oversight for SMEs, nonprofits, NGOs, and independent departments or teams.

Our solution focuses on team capacity utilization, cash flow predictions, projects, events, and trainings management, time and material allocation, and cooperation management.

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For Internal Oversight!

One important aspect to ensure business sustainability is cash flow management. Nopilot supports both project-based and time & material approaches for cash flow management.

Understanding the cost and revenue sources gives only half of the picture. The other half will be provided through the overview of the actual numbers and margins. On top of the complete picture, Nopilot adds the head-start element - predictions for the next months, and as a result the cash flow prognosis for the upcoming period will be presented!

Internally, Nopilot provides the oversight for:

Internal team
External team

For External Cooperation!

The best time to start onboarding to Nopilot is before the cooperation deal has been closed and the work must start. Of course, it is possible to use Nopilot also for sales funnel tracking but Nopilot covers only lightweight functionality for sales funnel.

There are several ways how organizations operate. On a very simplified terms, the options can be divided into three:

1. Working for a customer
Working for a customer indicates providing some sort of service using organization internal and/or external resources to achieve the required results. Nopilot delivers the necessary functionality to manage the complete project. By streamlining the capacity, allocation, and utilization of the team members, cost, revenue, cash flow, and timeline management, Nopilot will support the balancing of the organizational resources.

2. Working with the customer
While working with the customer it is important to stay on the same page and keep track of the need for resources, utilization, and finances. Through the project management module, Nopilot enables the predictive view and transparency for required skills, effort, and budget.

3. Cooperate with partners or members within the group
Cooperation may not always result in revenue and profit. In many occasions, the cooperation will cover the necessary preparations and groundwork for new ways of working and initiatives. Even if there is a good cause for some initiative, it still means effort and cost. Nopilot is the tool for cases like this.Creating a cross-organization project with the corresponding team and budget allows seamless cooperation.

Nopilot Features

For many occasions, making a decision does not need extensive input and data - only valid data is needed. Nopilot focuses on the fundamental values of decision making process.

Nopilot provides SMEs, nonprofits, and independent departments or teams the essential features to make decisions faster, more accurately, and backed with statistics.

Cash Flow Management
Team Engagement
Predictive Overview
Performance Monitoring
Stakeholder Transparency
Sustainable Management
Dynamic Configurations
Skills Development

Combined Solution!

Nopilot allows the option to use either partial or full system functionality without compromising the outcome. Every client can decide to what extent the system is used, Nopilot does not have any hidden fees or usability restrictions for our core modules!

It is always recommended to configure the full usability flow for maximising the value and outcome. The end-to-end experience will provide useful points for an overview and decision-making process.

Simplicity is the key to success!

Nopilot keeps the focus on fundamental statistics to support the decision-making process.

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